“I was both surprised and amazed at how much it helped me to focus especially with my putting. The main weakness in my game in the last couple of years has been my putting. I couldn’t believe how well I putted inside 8ft! I was a lot more confident as I stood over these putts. I felt like I was GOING to make them in which in most cases I did (hitting the back of the hole with good pace) which I just haven’t been able to do over the last few years”

I also kept my focus on every shot for the full 18 holes which made me feel a lot more confident with mt all around game and I am sure if I keep focusing on what the product tells me to do, it will definitely reduce my handicap.

I haven’t felt this confident with my game for a very long time, it really helped me not just with my putting but also with my driver.

I would definitely recommend for any golfer just to try this product because it certainly helped me. All I can say is thank you.

PS. This round was in a competition and I finished in 3rd position overall at 2 under par.

Graham Littlemore – Handicap 5

It’s difficult to put into words but having listened to this product my golf has definitely improved. I feel more confident and focused on the first tee and over all shots and that big pull or slice on No. 1 does not happen any longer.

“Having played golf for 30+ years, I returned after a long lay-off, four years ago. In that time I have dropped seven shots and two of these have been since listening to ‘Golf’s Inner Secret” 

I’m now at 15.2, my lowest ever handicap at the age of 62! You are never to old to learn. This product has given me a sharper focus on all shots, including my putting. Talking of my putting, my stroke feels much freer, as does my driving and I have lost that tightness on the tee. I owe a lot to Golf’s Inner Secret… thank you!

Neil Hart – Handicap 15.2

“I have gradually noticed that I have been feeling calmer when playing golf. I have also noticed that I seem to accept bad shots and not get frustrated about them as I would have done previously. This means I am more able to concentrate on my next shot rather than dwelling on the bad shot 

I have also noticed that I am less distracted by other factors such as my score and am more focused on the shot that I am playing. I have especially noticed this when I am putting. Instead of being distracted by thoughts of three putting or the effect on my score if I miss the putt, I am more focused on just making the putt. These feelings were enhanced the more I listened to the CD.

Sam Pitcairn – (Scratch) PGA Pro

After listening to the audio CD just once I found some great changes in my golf game. The overall outcome shows that I was one shot better than my handicap (37 points/stableford) round a tough golf course in wet and windy conditions, coming off a stretch of poor form.

The key changes I found were in my relaxed and confident attitude I had throughout my round. This enabled me to stay soft for every shot, making my body work as it should (full shoulder turn, easier grip), whereas I am usually someone who suffers from getting too tight and gripping the club too fiercely.

Also it helped me on the short 3 foot putts that are easily missed. I found myself approaching each and every 3-5 foot putt with great confidence, knowing that I could and would make it. As it happens I did miss one early on, but managed to make them all from that point onward (something I would not usually do), as I stayed calm and forgot about the previous miss, as the CD teaches.

I also was very happy when I found that the CD helped me in everyday life as well as on the golf course. The relaxation and confidence helped show me how to do things to the best of my ability and reassured me that I could do things which previously may not have thought possible.

“I would honestly recommend this for people of all abilities whether it be a club player or a professional, as I believe it will show them they are capable of playing better golf, by using there own swing” 

D. Robinson – Handicap 8

I listened to this product twice before playing an 18-hole competition. This year my performances have been very poor, returning several No Returns and scores in the high 70’s and low 80’s.

My concentration, confidence and routines on the course have been poor this year resulting in the high scores. I have been swinging well with bad results.

After listening to this product , I was open minded to the effect it would have on me, of course I wanted it to work. On the day of the 18-hole pro-am held at Letchworth I said to my playing partners, No Excuses, I feel good and I am going to play well today. (Not the normal pre competition talk)

I went to the range and felt great, I was swinging well and hitting the ball good, could I now take it to the course? I was starting on the 10th hole, a tight tee shot that doglegs to the left. I came behind the ball, took a deep breath and used my focus word. As I set up I focused on my shot and hit the ball down the middle.

The following two tee shots were pushed to the right, but this did not affect my routines and confidence.As the round continued I kept using the focus word. I scored 75, which was the best performance in a competition of the year, but what pleased me most was my overall behaviour. Normally when I make a mistake the enthusiasm leaves me and the performance is affected.On this occasion I soon put the mistakes behind me and continued to focus on the next shot.

My putting was particularly good, although I did feel quite nervous over one short putt but did hole it. I believe this product helped me a lot and I will continue to keep listening to improve my mind set even further.

Keith Bond – PGA Head Professional